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Instant-Jobs Recruitment Software

The growth of the internet has created an excellent new opportunity for recruitment agencies and companies wanting to recruit new staff. It is now possible to publish a large number of vacancies to a huge number of potential candidates across the United Kingdom and beyond.

The most important aspect of running a recruitment web site is ensuring that it remains completely up to date at all times. Candidates do not want to waste time applying for positions which are no longer available and the agency does not want to spend time processing enquiries about positions which have already been filled. Instant-Jobs is the easy and cost-effective solution to this problem.

A simple database is used to create categories and enter job details. Additions and amendments to the database can be made at any time without being connected to the Internet. When a batch of new listings or amendments is ready to be added to the web site, simply clicking "Upload" sends all the changes directly to the web server and online to the world.

Instant-Jobs creates a web site that makes the process of finding and applying for relevant jobs as easy as possible. Prospective candidates perform a search by entering a location and keyword to describe the type of job they are seeking. Appropriate jobs can then be added to a personal shortlist, where the selections may be reviewed and amended or removed if neccessary. Once the candidate is happy with their shortlist they are invited to enter their details, attach a CV and send the application. The application form is sent via email directly to the recruitment agency with the CV enclosed as an attachment.

The web site has been designed with search engines rankings in mind. Each job is given its own page, generating a large site with plenty of relevant content that can be indexed by the search engines. Instant-Jobs also keeps statistics about the number of visitors that have looked at each job and how many times each job has been applied for. This data provides valuable feedback about which types of jobs generate the greatest or least interest and other trends in Internet use.

Instant-Jobs can be integrated easily into an existing site. A graphical theme matching the existing web site design can be implemented to ensure that the transition between different parts of the site appears seamless to the user. The web site can also be further enhanced by using other Instant-Site applications such as Instant-News and Instant-Shop.

Instant-Jobs provides a simple and cost-effective way to publish and maintain a professional recruitment site on the Internet. Additions to the database and changes to job details can now be made without the time delay and expense involved with employing web designers or other third parties. The process of finding and applying for jobs on the web site has also been made as simple as possible, maximising the chances that prospective candidates will send their details successfully.

Please contact us if you would like a trial of Instant-Jobs.