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Instant-Catalogue Website Builder

The growth of the Internet and e-commerce has provided a dynamic new channel for businesses to promote products, accessories or spare parts to a global market. Customers across the world can now view product information and pictures without having to visit a shop or showroom or waiting for literature to be delivered.

Instant-Catalogue is the easy and cost-effective way to build and maintain a well organised product catalogue on the Internet. A simple database is used to create categories and enter product details. Each product can include a detailed description and several pictures, pricing information, product options and links to other web sites or downloadable materials.

Additions and amendments to the database can be made at any time without being connected to the Internet. When a batch of new listings or amendments is ready to be added to the web site, simply clicking "Upload" sends all the changes directly to the web server and online to the world.

Once uploaded, Instant-Catalogue uses the database to generate a web site that is easy to navigate and simple for visitors to use. The catalogue is broken down into categories and can be searched using a keyword. The web site has also been designed to maximise the chances of high rankings on Internet search engines. Every record is displayed on a separate page, allowing the search engines to index each product individually.

The catalogue can be integrated easily into an existing site. A graphical theme matching the existing web site design can be implemented to ensure that the transition between the catalogue and other parts of the site appears seamless to the user. Instant-Catalogue can also be easily upgraded to Instant-Shop if full e-commerce functionality is required as the web site evolves.

Instant-Catalogue provides a simple and cost-effective way to publish well organised product information on the Internet. Changes to the product catalogue can now be made without the time delay and expense involved in printing new brochures or catalogues, providing up to the minute information to customers, sales teams and agents alike!